Many people fantasize about living a day in the life of a law enforcement officer. They imagine the adrenaline rush of a high-speed pursuit, flashing lights and a blaring siren as radio traffic crackles across the still air within the police car during the chase.

The Police Chase Las Vegas experience begins with guests being split among a “chase car” and one or several “police car(s)” – depending on the number of guests in each group. Once guests are positioned in their assigned vehicle, The “police car”, parked further ahead on the track, receives a message over the radio, describing a suspect’s vehicle. Just as the message is being received, the vehicle in question goes rushing by. Once the “officer” realizes the car belongs to the suspect, the “chase sequence” begins.


Sean Lethbridge

Driving Officer

Eric Holyoak

Driving Officer

Mike Wills

Driving Officer

Rob Dixon

Driving Officer

Carl Sheppard

Chief Mechanic & Director of Vehicle Safety