In January, Police Chase Las Vegas will offer thrill seekers an opportunity so unique that it can’t be replicated anywhere else in the United States.

Patrons will go behind the scenes and actually participate in a simulated police chase. Hearts will pound as lights flash and sirens blare when “suspects” attempt to outrun the guns as they are pursued by the “police.”

In the end, participants will agree that getting “caught” is half the fun.

Participants play the role of either or both a police officer and a suspect. Once initial roles have been assigned, participants will be placed into either a patrol car or suspect vehicle.

The excitement begins to build when, out of a dead silence, the police officer is contacted over the crackling patrol car radio by the command center, who informs them that felons are fleeing the scene of a crime and that suspects are in the area. Moments later, the suspect’s car races by the patrol car.

The police officer then switches on the lights and sirens and the chase begins. Once the suspect has been “caught,” drivers switch places, and the hunter becomes the hunted as the chase begins again.

“Police Chase Las Vegas is going to be a thrilling attraction for anyone who takes part,” Las Vegas Motor Speedway President Chris Powell said. “Nowhere else in the world can a person take advantage of this type of automotive activity. Our speedway often has been called the world’s most diverse motorsports facility, and the addition of Police Chase Las Vegas underscores that diversity.

“It will offer a unique experience that is certain to create many memorable moments for every customer. We’re looking forward to this new and exciting partnership.”

Police Chase Las Vegas will have a soft opening on Jan. 13, 2019, and the grand opening will take place on Jan. 19, 2019.